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Microprocessors (CPUs, CPU) is, without exaggeration, the brain of any computer. Microprocessors perform many arithmetic and logical operations and interact with RAM. Modern microprocessors from Intel and AMD have support for virtualization, power saving, data encryption and protection program execution. If you are the owner of a modern microprocessor, you need to download and install the driver of the microprocessor.

By installing the processor driver may be activated and multithreading (Hyperthreading), and improved management of executive cores for multi-core microprocessors. With Windows processor driver correctly identifies the device model and employs all the necessary performance optimization. As modern microprocessors can be integrated video core, which is, in fact, built-in video card. The composition of drivers processors that have integrated video core, includes video driver, and the driver to extend the functionality (OpenCL, Mantle, OpenGL, PhysX and other technologies). Installing the driver for the video chip built into the processor, allows to use technology accelerating video playback, two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics.

Download and install the driver for CPU Intel and AMD can be listed later in this section.

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